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'SPRING ETERNAL • A SINGLE MOMENT' (2022) | by: N.C. Winters

'No matter how dark it has been, the light will inevitably come.'

'Spring Eternal' is the return. The inevitable rebirth of Spring that reliably follows the cold dormancy of Winter. The new beginning and hope that comes no matter how cold, dark, and stormy the winter has been. In a season that has felt like a long winter (in so many different ways) it is a good habit to remember that in fact 'this too, shall pass.' As trite and pithy as the aphorism is, there’s a reason it continues to have such staying power, and why it seems more important than ever to hold front of mind.

A single instant of time, seen in two parts:

The experience of being present in the moment itself.
The calm reflection on the moment after.

'A Single Moment' despite the title, is in fact two individual prints. These accompanying images serve to bookend the Spring season. A singular instant of time, split into a dual experience. First: the opportunity to take a single moment, to be present in the experience and exist entirely within that instance and nowhere else. No past, no future, only present. Second: to recollect and reflect on the memory of the moment after it has passed. To reflect on the experience of a moment after the fact, to be cognizant of the fact that life continues to move inevitably forward, and that we can remember and learn from our past.

  • 'Spring Eternal' is sized at approximately 20x27 inches

  • 'A Single Moment' are each sized approximately 10x12 inches

  • Each set includes three prints and a Neon Eye certificate of authenticity

  • All produced in limited, signed, numbered & embossed editions

  • Screen printed on archival Cranes Lettra Cotton Rag with hand torn edges

'SPRING ETERNAL • A SINGLE MOMENT' (2022) | by: N.C. Winters

• Serene colorway •
Edition of 120 • $90

Spring can come as a renewal or rebirth. A shrugging off of the chill of dormancy and end to the isolation of winter hibernation. The new season brings a renewed sense of vigor and vitality, marked by vibrant blooms of nature, and the return of flowering organic life. 'Serene' blossoms with calm organic greens and warm earthy tones, a celebration of the new natural season.

• Vivid colorway •
Edition of 80 • $120

While Spring can bring a new season of peace, it can also herald an exciting period of wild and intense change. An extreme awakening that challenges old ideas, punctuated by fierce growth and dynamic new ways of being and seeing the world. 'Vivid' bursts in vibrant cyans, pinks, blues and purples. An exciting leap into the future and unknown.

• Nostalgia colorway •
Edition of 50 • $140

And then there are the memories of past Spring seasons of old. The periods of rebirth and change of yesteryear that now exist only in the rearview mirror, relegated to the scrapbook of memory. Care should be taken not to dwell too much on the past, but the memories of past Spring seasons can be remembered fondly or with melancholy. 'Nostalgia' reflects on the past in desaturated sepias, and the faded tones of a distant memory.

Artwork created by N.C. Winters • - Printed & distributed by: Lady Lazarus - Houston, TX - USA. All orders shipped fully insured.

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