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'VEIL: SPECIMEN #129' - Glow in the Dark Vinyl Figure - by: Jermaine Rogers

'I was made to be unfeeling. A machine. We were bred as a workforce toward Dero ends. We were given no names, only numbers. I am called ‘129’. This was sufficient. I have been worker, henchman, butcher, hunter and terrorist. And now I am ‘traitor’. There is a dangerous game of rebellion being played beneath the world, Vincent. And my hand weighs heavily in it...'

Artist: Jermaine Rogers
Type: Vinyl Figure
Version: Glow in the Dark
Size: 11" tall (approx.)
Year: 2006
Publisher: StrangeCo.

NOTE: Due to its age, rippling on the surface of the box has occurred over time. This item is being sold 'as is'.

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